Monitor body weight, engage in an active lifestyle.

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To prevent Roth-Bernhardt disease, the patient must adhere to the following rules

Patients who have had Roth's disease at least once should remember that it is able to remind itself of itself at any time. It is important to keep somerye preventive rules. If there is a financial opportunity, then it is appropriate to purchase an unloading corset. It should be worn after a long load on the spine. As a preventive measure, visiting mud clinics is also suitable. The main thing is not to delay visiting antivert. With timely treatment, the disease will quickly recede.

Thus, at an early stage of development, Roth's disease is well treated, does not bother the patient, does not impair performance. If the disease is started, everything will end with trophic ulcers, lameness. Take care of your health! As a preventive measure, you can perform special exercises. Regular walking and swimming, physiotherapy exercises, and sometimes a special unloading corset help well.

As a prevention of the occurrence and recurrence of meralgia, patients are recommended: maintain normal body weight; do not wear tight clothes and underwear; limit physical activity on the lower back; do not overcool; use an unloading corset. Roth's disease - or paresthetic meralgia - is one of the varieties of neuralgia, which is manifested not so much by pain as by unpleasant sensations. Roth's disease is a tunnel syndrome, and is associated with compression of the nerve trunk in the region of the inguinal ligament and underlying sections. The lateral cutaneous nerve of meclizine, which is derived from the anterior branches of the spinal cord, is to blame for this.